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Privacy policy

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James Bay Tourism understands the importance of keeping personal information private. In order to maintain their clients', suppliers' and employees' trust, James Bay Tourism makes constant efforts to ensure privacy. Therefore, strict measures of security and protection of private life are imposed on all personal information. However, users are encouraged to carefully read the following disclaimer.


Escape Like Never Before, managed by James Bay Tourism, is the James Bay region's tourism industry official portal.


Escape Like Never Before is based in Quebec, Canada. Quebec and Canadian laws protect the personal information of users. Users can verify their rights by consulting the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec website.


Personal information is any information that describes a physical person and allows them to be identifiable. Except in cases where obliged by law, James Bay Tourism will protect the confidentiality of personal information the users of the following site:www.eeyouistcheebaiejames.com


Information compiled by James Bay Tourism with the consent of users and registered in their file allows the organisation to send users published, electronic or printed documentation, as well as answer any requests for information, forward a reservation or purchase request, or a tourism service request to the supplier. We also use the personal information to subscriber users, at their request, to electronic or paper bulletins, put them on a mailing list or list them as possible survey candidates. The information is used in an effort to get a better grasp on the user in order to better serve them in the future.


Users may make a request for the transmission of personal information to a sub-contractor or supplier in order for the third party to answer any of the user's queries (ex. The transmission of a user's coordinates to an organisation for the sending of documentation; transmission of coordinates to an establishment for reservations, etc.) If the user has agreed to be part of a mailing list or has agreed to answer subsequent surveys, their personal information may be re-transmitted to a third party.

If a sub-contractor or a supplier unrelated to James Bay Tourism must use any personal information compiled by James Bay Tourism, they must sign a consent form dictating that the information is to be used for the sole purpose of what the user consented to, any other re-transmission is strictly prohibited.

James Bay Tourism doesn't transmit any personal user information, unless to answer a specific request from that same user or unless used to fulfill a specific request made by that same user. In addition, the confidentiality of the information transmitted electronically in assured by high security measures.


Escape Like Never Before includes external slinks to some businesses and organisations for users to click on if they wish. These sponsored links are to be used at the user's risk. In no way, does James Bay Tourism endorse the contents of these sites and cannot be held responsible for their practices, especially in regards to the protection of personal information.


In order to ensure the safe transfer of users' personal information, James Bay Tourism has implemented strict security measures. These measures protect users from the loss or inadvertent use of information by non-authorized this parties.

However, James Bay Tourism is solely responsible once personal information has been transferred and not at all responsible for a lack in confidentiality of users or the integrity of the system, unless the error is a direct result of gross incompetence on their part.


Users may ask for, change or cancel any of the personal information contained in the tourismebaiejames.com database. For verification, comments or to lodge a complaint about personal information, users must contact us at info@tourismebaiejames.com and supply all the pertinent information necessary for identification.

GDPR and Law 25

After the adoption of the GDPR by the European Union and Law 25 in Quebec to protect its citizen's personal data, we thought it would be a good idea to answer most questions directly on the subjects treated by both rules: 

  • Access to personal data
    You can make a request to access your personal data by e-mail at . We'll then send you all the data we have that's linked to your profile (normally, linked to your e-mail address).
  • How is my data used?
    When you make a request on our website (for example, an information request or subscribing to our newsletter), we keep all the information received in a secured database. We sometimes use this information to send newsletters directly addressed to you, or simply as an archive to allow us to view our previous information requests. For those who are subscribed to our newsletter, we keep your information about when you read and when you click on links so that we can evaluate the performances of our newsletters. Finally, your e-mail address can, in some rare cases, sometimes be used to create a personnalized audience to send targeted ads on other platforms, like Facebook for example. It's important to know that Google Analytics is installed on our website, so when you visit our pages, Google is able to get some of your browsing information also. Take note that there is also a tool by AccessiBe that's installed to increase the accessibility of our website, so they will also be able to get some of your browsing information.  
  • Ask to fix some errors
    If you detect an error in the information we have, you can make a request for us to fix it by writing directly at .
  • Limit how we process your data
    If you would like to limit how we process your data, you can make a request to do so by writing at . Please take note that any request to limit its use might cause us to delete all your information in our database to simplify it on our side.
  • Getting and reusing personal data
    We only obtain the personal data that you send us directly by filling out our online forms. All the use we make of that data is specified in the "How is my data used" section.
  • Refuse certain uses
    If you would like to prevent us from using your data in certain ways, please inform us by e-mail at . It's important to know that any refusal to certain uses might cause us to delete all your information in our database to simplify it on our side.
  • Deleting your personal data (your right to be forgotten)
    If you would like us to remove all your personal data from our system (right to be forgotten), all you have to do is ask us to do so by e-mail at . Once we receive your requestion, all your personal data will be emptied and your subscription to our newsletter will be removed as well (if applicable).
  • Cycle of life of your personal data
    All data received is kept until someone asks for it to be removed or anonymized.
  • Get explanations about automatic decisions
    The vast majority of the people for which we have personal data aren't implicated in any automatic processes on our side. The only automatic treatments we have (billing and hour bank usage) are for our paying customers only, basically people for whom we actually work on one of their projects.
  • Be informed if a data leak is detected
    If we detect a leak of your data, Tourisme Baie-James will inform you either by e-mail or by phone in a timely manner.

If you have questions linked to your personal data, don't hesitate to send your concerns to the person in charge, Isabelle Milord at . It will be our pleasure to answer any request in a timely manner. Don't forget to mention the subject of your request (and mention GDPR in your e-mail).