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Stéfanie Thompson, professionnal-painter

Arts and regional flavour


J0Y 2A0

The bright color is part of all her work, it's a way to express the beauty and energy that are in her, in each subject. The framework is an excuse to drop what needs to be seen, what to paint. It is also essential for her to be extended beyond this framework to symbolize letting go, the exceeding limits, the imperfection. For her, art has to be computed spontaneously.
Her distinction lies in a material it uses, the dried wood provided by the lakes and rivers. This material is extremely inspiring, at once noble and flooded with visual richness. All parts are selected and found and each of them are dried and cleaned. She chooses her piece of wood to develop her web, it is what gives her the starting point. The mixture of textures, paintings with wood creates unique paintings and very current.