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Marianne Dumas - artist

Arts and regional flavour


G8P 2G1
418 770-1376

I relish the textures, shapes, colors and details that nature offers as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Animals are like little souls to be captured. Human faces reveal their deepest motivation. Children's candid view of the world reminds me of my own essence. Plants, mushrooms, mosses, from the smallest living thing to the largest, everything is interrelated.

The connection I make in my work, between the human being and the emotions that nature arouses in us, nourishes me. It reassures and refocuses me to know that I'm part of a whole that's not just human. I create to digest the everyday and to hold on to the beautiful.

Paintings, frescoes, sculptures, illustrations... Come and discover the many places where I've left my mark!