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Johanne Thibault-Godin, hand-stitched quilts

Arts and regional flavour


172, 2e avenue
G8P 2Z5
418 748-7911
581 579-8107

Hand-stitched quilts: traditional, audacious, contemporary... and more


The quilt inspires the warmth and coziness of the home. Work painter in fabrics, the quilt is a work of art to hug, the inspired work of a craftsman who has woven all his talent into it. It becomes for you an object filled with emotions, a heritage that turns into a family heirloom.


Johanne Thibault-Godin is a friendly craftswoman and passionate about this craft. It offers you to discover fabrics, to surprise yourself with textures and daring arrangements of colors and to share with you, during a conversation, how to recognize the art of hand stitching.


A quilt; a precious, unique, original gift with a neat finish, for yourself or for someone you love.


The quilts are made with cotton fabrics and cotton batting.


Confection on request available.