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Waswanipi ᐧᐋᔅᐧᐋᓂᐲ



1 Chief Louis R. Gull Street
J0Y 3C0
819 753-2562
819 753-2555


The Cree Nation of Waswanipi is the southern­most of the Cree communities. It is located at the junction of 3 rivers: Opicawa, Chibougamau and Waswanipi, the traditional trade and transportation routes for the Waswanipi Eenouch. The name Waswanipi means “Light on the Water” re­ferring to the traditional fishing methods used.

Waswanipi is open to visitors year-round; it is a pleasure to receive individuals and groups at our Cultural Village to enjoy traditional activities and cuisine. Every season we host a variety of cultural gatherings and events. During summer, we celebrate Waswanipi's history with Waswanipi Day and the Chiwehtau Gathering at Old Post site on Lac Waswanipi, which is also home to the largest fishing tournament in Québec.

We invite you to attend and participate in our community's activities and festivities. Visitors will be enchanted with the culture and the large percentage of the population that are tri-lingual, speaking English, French and of course Cree!

Population 2080