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Ouje-Bougoumou ᐆᒉᐴᑰᒨ



203 Opemiska Meskino
G0W 3C0
418 745-3911


Ouje-Bougoumou "The Place Where People Gather" is located on the shores of Lac Opémiska. The community has a long history but the village itself is relatively new. Over a period of 50 years, residents were forced to relocate 7 times to make place for mining activities and since then became a United Nations award winning community.

Ouje-Bougoumou is home to various attractions such as the "Aanischaaukamikw" Cree Culture Institute, Capassisit Lodge, Cultural Village and Cree Culture tours. Come stay at our newly renovated lodge, learn the history, taste traditional cuisine and experience the Cree way of Life.

The community is proud to welcome visitors from all four corners of the world.


  • Population 750