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Cree Knowledge Festival

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205 Opemiska Meskino
G0W 3C0

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The Cree Knowledge Festival is a unique opportunity to discover the richness of Cree Culture through enriching discussions, art, music and crafts.

A long time in the making, the virtual event celebrates Cree culture and perspectives through music, discussions, storytelling, artist profiles, and much more...

The event is hosted by Christopher Herodier, former host of Eeyou Dipajimoon, with CBC North's Cree Unit, based out of Montreal. The event is broken down into three themes that branch out in surprising directions...    

  • CREE MYTHS, HISTORY & ADVANCEMENT: Rich dialogues about culture, colonization, and narratives too often misrepresented or forgotten.
  • HISTORY IN THE MAKING: THE ART OF STORYTELLING: An exploration of Cree traditions and values through storytelling.

PERSPECTIVES THROUGH ART: A focus on Cree art through the eyes of the artists themselves.

  • WATCH THE REPLAY of six engaging panels, dozens of guest speakers, and live musical performances!