Soaring into the Northern Quebec Skies with Air Creebec

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No one can deny that there is no better view of the North than from up above. It gives you a great perspective - you can take in the land's vastness, the beauty of the majestic waters, and see the unique overview of our remote communities. Witnessing the great North from this vantage point makes you appreciate its true splendour.

Luckily, the Cree-owned airline, Air Creebec, offers this incredible experience to anyone fortunate enough to board one of their planes. This year, 2023, marks Air Creebec's 41st anniversary, with this Cree-owned company first taking flight on July 5th, 1982. The first flight was from Val-d'Or to Whapmagoostui (then known as Great Whale), with a few stops along the way in Air Creebec's only aircraft at the time - an orange twin otter. What started as a small operation has now become an important and reliable regional airline with a current fleet of sixteen passenger airplanes, and two hawker cargo aircrafts. This reputable airline provides northern travellers with quick access to unique destinations in northern Ontario and Quebec.

Making Northern Travel Accessible

To explore our region with the convenience and comfort of air travel, you can book a seat on one of Air Creebec's scheduled flights departing from Montreal to Val-d'Or, Chibougamau, Nemaska, Waskaganish, Eastmain, Wemindji, Chisasibi, and/or Whapmagoostui. Flying throughout our region allows you to see our Great North in a shorter amount of time than travelling by road, which can take a long time since our communities are so far apart. It also makes travel in the winter much simpler and more enjoyable. You can even visit Whapmagoostui since it can only be reached by air since there is no road accessing the most remote community

Air Creebec also offers charter planes for larger groups wanting to book travel around their own schedule and needs to one or several locations. Your group can easily depart from Timmins, Montreal or Val-d'Or. Air Creebec's Dash 8-100 aircrafts can accommodate 29-37 passengers, and their Dash 8-300 planes can seat up to 50 passengers. They also offer cargo and medical services, making life more convenient and efficient for all.

There are even more advantages when you decide to travel by air in our great region. As an Air Canada partner, Air Creebec allows you to earn Aeroplan miles based on the miles flown when taking one of their scheduled flights. They are also one of the few airlines that still provide in-flight snacks and meals during their longer destinations. To make air travel more affordable, if you book in advance and are a full-time student, you can take advantage of the province's Regional Air Access program and buy your ticket at a fraction of the regular price - up to 60% off. Otherwise, there is also the chance to buy one of the economy-saver-priced seats. Planning ahead and buying your ticket in advance will help you save money.

Supporting the Cree People

Knowing that you are endorsing a Cree-owned company also adds to your experience as a welcome visitor to our region. Air Creebec is Cree-owned and Cree-operated, with its head office in Waskaganish, the first Cree community on the shores of James Bay. The airline also has many Cree employees and brings substantial revenue to the Cree Nation, providing a boost to its economy.

You will also notice that Air Creebec proudly depicts the James Bay Cree culture in their logo. It has a sleek goose in the shape of a plane taking off into the northern skies, and below the flying bird is an image of a traditional Cree stretched hide. Both images are a vital part of the Cree way of life. The colour scheme of yellow, orange, and red represents the majestic northern sunset.

Take Flight Today 

Booking travel with Air Creebec is a reliable and comfortable way to explore the region. Air travel's convenience is a luxury that no one can deny. The enormity of the land opens up, and you can see and do more on your visit.

Rely on air travel for your next trip to our region. Soar into the northern Quebec skies with Air Creebec! Learn more about them at