Discovering Chibougamau with the Saveurs jamésiennes package

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Story of an all-inclusive weekend with the Saveurs jamésiennes package!

What could be better than an all-inclusive weekend to discover Chibougamau and its surroundings? That's exactly what the regional travel agency Eeyou Istchee Baie-James Travel is offering with its Saveurs jamésiennes package!

On the agenda: an evening at the Maître Renard microbrewery, a forest outing with FaunENord, and an overnight stay at the Hotel Chibougamau. The Saveurs jamésiennes package invites you to (re)discover Chibougamau, its flavors, and its abundance.

Jade Cabana was the lucky winner of a contest organized by Tourisme Baie-James, Eeyou Istchee Tourism and Eeyou Istchee Baie-James Travel. She won this extraordinary weekend in our region.

Read the story of her mouth-watering weekend in the boreal forest!


Jade is passionate about nature, wildlife, hunting, fishing, and food tourism. She loves discovering microbreweries, tasting local flavours, and soaking up the territory she visits. It's not surprising that Eeyou Istchee Baie-James has always attracted her, even though she never had the vacation time to plan a long trip here.

The wide-open spaces, the diversity of wildlife and flora, and cultures of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James have long been a dream of hers. 

So when she saw our contest to win a getaway with the Saveurs jamésiennes package, it was obvious: she had to participate! It was the perfect opportunity to visit Eeyou Istchee Baie-James without the hassle and without having to take a long vacation. Finally, the Saveurs jamésiennes package brought together several of her passions: the forest, the flora, and the microbrewery beers.

Although Jade now lives in the heart of Quebec City, she needs a weekly dose of nature, an outing that reconnects her with the essential, the calm and serenity of the forest. The Eeyou Istchee Baie-James Travel getaway was therefore an opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant: discover a new part of Quebec and learn more about the region.


Jade and her boyfriend hit the road on a beautiful Friday in August to cross the parks leading to Chibougamau. Once there, they were able to relax in a comfortable suite at the Hôtel Chibougamau.

In addition to the warm welcome we receive, Hotel Chibougamau has the advantage of being located in the heart of the city. All services are nearby, as well as nature and access to many hiking and biking trails. 

For dinner, nothing could be easier than crossing over to the Maître Renard microbrewery, where a tasting session awaited them: four locally brewed beers and a platter of fine charcuterie. The story behind each beer was shared with an explanation of the local products used: Labrador tea, blueberries, fireweed, immortelle flower, sweet gale, American green alder...

After a good night's rest, Jade and her boyfriend joined Vincent, a guide at FaunENord. With him, they walked the trails of Obalski Park in search of plants and other non-timber forest products. For Jade, this was an ideal opportunity to learn about mycology and the gathering of edible plants.

Throughout the excursion, they were able to ask Vincent about the plants around them and discover those used to brew beer at Maître Renard.

And because the Saveurs jamésiennes package lives up to its name, the activity concluded with a second tasting of products collected during the outing, including a homemade iced tea with Labrador tea.

"The weekend was very enriching and full of discoveries, it allowed me to learn about a new passion, that of gathering wild products, thanks to a good introduction and precious advice." 

Jade and her boyfriend left with a head full of memories and new learnings about Eeyou Istchee Baie-James thanks to the Saveurs jamésiennes package.

She discovered a region with its wide-open spaces and its still wild environments. She was amazed by the proximity between Chibougamau and its nature, by all the trails that allow to explore it safely.

Jade's best moment

"My best moment was actually the combination of the tasting on Friday and the discovery activities on Saturday. I really appreciated the fact that the discovery activities allowed me to see in their environment the plants used in the beers tasted the day before. This made the link between terroir and agri-food very real. It was also very interesting to understand the role of FaunEnord in this process."

To book your Saveurs jamésiennes package and discover Chibougamau or rediscover it from a new angle, visit or call 1-855-745-3888.